When two lovers fleeing the police sneak into a movie,
The adventure is suffiecently total for one not to know
What come next.

Erika erik, dream a billy dream

Lets become Fast Friends

But the moon doesn't get to dream about you

The strange destiny that we shared

Jennifer Juniper
She is free as free as she can be
Jennifer Juniper

Behind Green doors
Are brown eyes
To another universe

Do you have livable planets in your eyes

Where there are livable planets.
Where are there livable planets?

In jennifers room
Im in jennifers room
Three stars to the left and over the moon

-maps covered with peninsulas in this room


Im in your eyes
I am alive
Trip on the moon
Im in your room
We'ed close the door
If it was not broken
In jennifers room
Trip on the moon
Weightless love
with all the gravity

We must all be revolutionary romantics

It was the model of a picture perfect boy and a picture perfect girl

Were too triangular
Howl to the moon
Make a infinite set
Marry me in hilberts hotel

This was the model of a picture perfect girl
She was modern loving in califronia

That girl
Shes gona whirl me in her mind
I went kinda yoko
I went loco
Ive left my band behind

Trip to the moon
Come catch me
in a blue lagoon
you are the next sublime experience

In jennifers room
You are yoko
I go loco
I've left my band behind

For a life and a wife
And a street car named desire

Do you have livable planets in your eyes
In the sea of brown is there oxygen to breath

A plum and a glass of wine by the bed
Guy debord and me.

Im in love with you and
I do not know what to do
Being my self is a lonely thing

Dear alice, I found my momrory of love
And how I lost you.
I am afraid to let anyone in like you
I am so scared I miss you too.

Far from time and space men have wondered

im going yoko
im going loco
and im leaving my band behind