Mushrooms International Presents:
Mini Pops
2 or 3 nights of mind-blowing sounds from Human Ear Music and San Francisco pop favorites. DJs Pedal and Lazlo Kovaks of Seahorse Liberation Army infamy will be spinning Afrobeat, yé-yé, international psych, rare groove, and other cosmic frequencies. With possible secret guest dj's.

with work by Fast Friends Inc. Jason Yates

March 6th, 2008 - 8$
853 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 970-0012

Julia Holter (LA)
Julia makes fey, playful psych-folk that is reminiscent of the classic sixties records by The Fool and Michele O'Malley.
Arcane poetry and mystical saints adorn her music as well as her faux-naif take on medieval figurative art. Her crystalline voice drifts across a sonic landscape populated with dizzy organs and miniature baroque arrangements.

Nick Stone / Raccoons (SF)
Raccoons have brought their love of C86 and the virtues of Britpop into the 21st century, becoming one of San Francisco's most exciting pop bands in the process. Who else makes rock 'n' roll you can dream to these days?

Jason Grier / Super Creep (LA)
Fantasy collides with reality and somewhere in the manic wreckage Super Creep is born. All the warped and displaced phantasms that populate an overactive urban mind take turns working the light show in Grier's schizoid-pop playground.
**March 7th** LIPO LOUNG china town 8pm - 10$
916 Grant (at Washington)
San Francisco, CA 94108
Happening by :

Play Play Play Inc , Jason Yates Fast Friends Inc, Leslie Kulesh, Sean Talley, Matt Fishbeck, Julia Holter, Ringo, Erik Seidenglanz, Chris Lux

Ariel Pink (LA) 11:57

Nate Boyce (SF)

Geneva Jacuzzi (LA)
If Giorgio Moroder had an illegitimate daughter who was hiding out in a hot tub in LA, she'd probably sound a lot like Geneva Jacuzzi. Her swirling, bubbling layers of synths and hypnotic beats propel her champagne-soaked electronic pop back to the glory days of Italo disco via a four-track tape recorder.
Ameoba Records San Francisco
Saturday Afternoon Instore
2:00 pm
Ariel Pink

Kimo's Bar
1351 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 885-4535

March 8th - 9$
Holy Shit - Matt Fishbeck and Ariel Pink (LA)

Girls - Chris Owens and J.R. (SF)

Girls (who are actually two boys) specialize in cynical, good-time indie pop that swirls around on a waterbed of analog synths, guitar fuzz, and minimal percussion. No matter how high the music takes you into your mental stratosphere, the subtle pop hooks will always bring you back down to earth.

The Passionistas (SF)

fast friends
on west add radio 97.3 on feb 29th and March 7th at 5pm Nick stone and human ear music collective. playing.

listen to west add radio

cobain in a coma with nick stone and stefen and erik seidenglanz as guests. DJ PEDAL And LAzlo Kovaks Take over Burden of Dreams