Utopia or Bust 2004
august 26, 2004 - october 29, 2004

Attempting to build a cardboard geodesic dome while hiding out as a Non-student teacher/ agitator at Sarah Lawerence College. Prooving sucessfull that one can live outside the system while living inside the system, while tring to create a dialectical arguement about the spectical intergrating utopia, and a escapist point of view< on lo-fi technologies and open source patches vs. the dominate memeplex called the spectical. the user is saving himself from the content of the spectical by mediating it into pure form, and using it for a trancendental signifier, in the symbol of the useless utopi, all the while going beyond art is the goal. Actual personal utopia has been achieved, while teaching students about bucky fuller and the situationist as a winning combonation for the future survival.

sarah lawerence live journal For the inauguration of the Heimbold Visual arts Centre, we propose to create a society of free artists/human beings with the purpose of transgressing perceived social boundaries. We propose that the action shall take place outside, between the Heimbold building and the presidentÕs house. The site shall act a s a temporary autonomous zone. We are moving away from the shantytown concept in favor of a more organic, useful Ðphilosophy- that will permit us to live outside, in spite of the harsh elements of cruel winter. The structure will be an architectural homage to the ideals of Buckminster Fuller. It will consist of modular units arranged as satellites around a central tensor-dome. They will be made out of foam insulation panels and NASA foil insulation, as well as a prefabricated tensor frame. Also, we will have materials on hand as well as plans so that others can come and build on to the community. We intend to install surveillance cameras at the site and then use wireless video relays to send the content to a remote location inside of the Heimbold building. The unification of the two sites via intermediary technology should reinforce the liminal nature of the site of our dwellings. The indoor media center will consist of several television sets and possibly a video projector arranged inside of some sort of totemic structure. The cameras will give a remote view into our process, which should reinforce the need to actually get involved. Also, through use of symbolic visual aids, we will be able to utilize the video relay system as a means of direct communication to people within the visual arts building. Once the site is developed to the point where human habitation is possible, we will begin a series of democratic actions. The point of the actions is to foster thought and discussion among anyone who happens to be present (Barbara Walters?). Among other things, we are planning a philosophical lecture/discussion series (topics include Buckminster Fuller and situationism), as well as an open discussion concerning the closing of A-Space, and the need for democratic process and an ungoverned forum for free speech. The discussion may include a teleconference interview with estranged Sarah Lawrence Artist/Squatter, Eric Seidenglanz. We are intent on fostering a sense of community within our temporary village, and so we will arrange a series of social activities (Party? Celebration of human life and victory over fascism?). Thanks Sam Jackson Metasyntacic variables.