Conversation: Manager Bill Coleman, default issues
Subject: Re: Manager Bill Coleman, default issues
Attention : Bill Coleman

From Erik Seidenglanz

To whom it may concern,

Due to the constant burden of this debt and the fact that I have not had an address for the past few years to receive bills and notices about my loans – I wish to bring things up to date.
I am writing to begin the process of deferment of my student loans and possibly to establish a minimum payment program. I am unable to make full payments at this time, but I would like to at least to make interest payments or discuss the possibilities for repayment.
This problem began while I was living in an abandon car in the San Francisco area. I have had a couple of very short term jobs that only paid for one meal a day and transportation to work. I needed to do this to establish a work history. I am doing what is necessary to better improve my situation. However, now it seems that my loans have defaulted. I am missing all my records as to who I owe and I will need your assistance in order to get on the right track.
Since I left college at the San Francisco Art Institute, I haven't been able to improve my financial situation. The constant burden is overwhelming. This problem began about the time my step father passed away. He was funding my education. It has been about two years, and I have tried everything from being a teacher's assistant to sweeping parking lots, nothing has panned out. I finally ended up living in a car in Hayward. I am still in this economic hardship but I am on the up swing. I have made no money and could say my education did nothing for me, but I am adapting to the times and situation. I am doing what is necessary to better myself. I am requesting a deferment of all my student loans with a retroactive date to the day I defaulted. Thank you very much and please contact me for more information.

Erik Seidenglanz