PlayPlayPlay Inc.

Every Wikipedia page should be supported by Reliable sources
We verify these source, then we reference them using Wikipedia’s citation format.

Entire page is formatted to Wikipedia’s style guide, 
written to the Manual of Style, 
edited to the Five Pillars
with a Neutral Point of View,
without a Conflict of Interest,
and Disregarding All Rules

Wikipedia pages serve as a comprehensive historical repository about you  and your life’s work.

Capturing your story to be told forevermore in relationship to your peers, your work, to your relevance

Having a Wikipedia page is a valuable digital asset, and an invaluable responsibility.
Why? It’s your history. Or it;’s the one we are issuing you to become.

Google results use information from Wikipedia to populate
the Google Knowledge Graph, 

the Semantic language is now cataloging everything Google has indexed.

Google Knowledge Graph is a panel on the sidebar of search results that showcase your identity and the work you have achieved.

Why would you want this? It’s your infamy,
your  visibility, you’re verified.