Play Play Play Inc.
Meta Designing, Conceptual Artists, Illistration
Riso Press, Citical Theroy Publishers, Erotic Apparel Design & Photography Womans Image Design Publication, Digitial Asset Library, Art, Apparel, Architecture & Audio Studio, Non Profit R&D, Botanical Garden

Making anything we want. and Anything you need.

Founded by Erik Christopher Seidenglanz and Audio Seidenglanz

We are a Meta Design and Conceptual Designers, we are one part art history one part risk takers, one  part buckminster fuller, one part frank lloyde wright, one part harwell hamilton harris and jean marie bangs. one part ray and charles eames, we met inside this company called American Apparel Inc. Dov Charney couldn’t stop his team from being a wonderful force of energy that beleived in them selves nor did he want to. He was a great teacher, as well as we have had many other great teacher. The Difference is DOV is from the real world application of art and business, A real life warhol. He let us do it all. With the new found senceabilities we moved together to San Francisco, I became a Stripper by Night a Art Student by day, and Erik Became a Student in a sence again too. We became a collaborative duo and one month later we were banned from San Francisco Art Institute for no defined reason. We know what happened it was polotics and a school run very badly at the time. But they Sent Erik into a major Mania, for better or for worse we embrased the isolation and started a experimental riso printing studio after my silkscreening professor introduced us to a riso machine and its neon colors. We quickly did a freelance gig for Dov and asked him for VOLUME and RISO. He came throu (still need that reciept dov to get out PA repaired.) We Were lucky and won the job of creating the art and flyers for that years San Francisco Art Institutes Film Festivle, and up and comming band Called Panic is perfect.  These and many more friends became our teeth cutting for the first time as totally Autonomous Entreprenuers, We had aleady been successfull in art and music and publishing at our own level of comfort but this was the real world and we were finding out selves allowed to be outselves. Then the next boom of economy hit and we were booted to the street Pinao Shop , Riso Studio and all. the story is just begining so I hope you have some time or if you just came to see what we make then go this way. To see get lost in our age of dissapearance go that way.