Audio Seidenglanz if you get this message you have made it to the next mission.
I know the last mission left you with a antibody reaction from your antiboitics.  I came  to find you in the Emergancy room but you used a pseudo name,
Making it nearly impossible to find you.  I obtained a Visitors badge and using it at plus my  NBC 4 badge I began to hunt for your in the  Emergancy Dept.
I expected the worse this time, After this years 15 visits  that I know of to ER’s and yesterdays morning awakening by the ambulanc diver at our  tent, telling  that   you were  having a. antibody  reaction I grabbed 1 box our papers and your phonebook thick stack of medical records. Today when I was notified  by toney  a hour after  he found out from  his friend who said was there, that you attacked a nurse, that you scratched  your self violently  that you had to be restrained and that you had hives all over and were swelling up, and your were screaming. I knew they would not knon exactly what  your situation was on top of  that the fact your narcolepcy type 2 causes huge amounts of time to be lost because they pass you over, again and again and don’t have the training to deal with narcolecpy type. 2.  Compound that with you have a foot fungus and damaged uturas from a iud removal that left you mentally  poisioned from the iud and psycologically scared and lost from the careless doctors that left you in this mess. I regret due to our Adverse Possession then wrongful evection of  our home that we owned out right with no mortgage, that these days of being held captive first in our home,  then kidnapped by the cat sitter and her squirl scientologist husband micheal, the man that married us; held for 101 days in a basement with six cats.
Then our fisrt hotel stay you fell down  a flight of  stairs and hit your head badly leaving  you unconsious for 15 hours in the service  stairwell. After your were found they  ignored your injuries and scurried you to your room where you either fell again  and broke 3 teeth. You. recalled a person wearing yellow hitting  you in the face and watching  the people at the pool accrossed the street from the window. I can tell you that your were unable to communicate for the next 4 days it was so  strange. we had to check out 1 day later. We were to move into the Richard Neutra apartments near Los Feliz but on route in Daniels Van we found out that the 90 day stay we had paid for was canceled for discriminatiory reasons. I booked another stay at the Ace Hotel and paid, but when we arrived they said they had no rooms for us. As a. direct and proximate result of the liability they  assumed from the fall at the hotel they too discriminated  against us. We spent  2 days looking for anyplace that would take us, our cat and our 3 months of  personal effects that we had from the exudus of  our home. Finnaly the Westin Boniventure. took us. in at  4 am and  we had a room for the next 45 days, but not with out complication. So. I am sure I need to outline the rest of our yeart as it will be eyeopening  and help us in  our persuit of reperations for the infinate causes of  action  that leave us fucked.