Pla Pylay Play Inc presents


In the Age of Disappearance, the will to the virtual and the asthetic of speed are the counter to our pressing desire to capture the essence of the woman is as the printer is as trojan horse to the system, is as anthropmorph of the internet. Our heroine the Mythpoetic Anthromorph, Millenium Venus, Wikipetan, Artimus, Psyce, The Faits and Graces. In the Eyes of the Animal is the soul of man. The Nordic Tribe of the AfriCan, possessed fire and circular technologies, heat and travel nomadic opportunity and the southern tribe like a wild eyed other consiouse being became the self organizing oral tradtion moving alone the migration route like zoe planton in the whale of the sea. Dakatai , concieved conservations we aim to in this era of continued dissapreance the artist is the transmutational teacher to the open minded. Pushed the brink of do or die, survival becomes the practice and modus operandi. Until the Marshal  State of Police Preversion is robbery by your protector or internal affairs report with no hopes of recovery of your stolen memeories. You are a prisoner, half a dozel of one and six of another, not but a day before you are secret agent 86, 99 Femme Fatel, and Ian Flemming, behind jealose blinds in the jamacian ska backdrop, presuing the real real of the audio happening. Now and again osolating between utopia and oblivion we put to the screws 100 years again dieing we loose faster than the time lords can go back to the future. 600 a day dead per major urban epicenter. We predict the complete and total reversal but on what faith . Adverse Possesion as Enviormental Critque. Our Choosen home a hillside at the apex of elysian life and parked next to the former home of a cermics sculpter whom died in a home fire that led the exlosiaon of his home and self into obliteration. Our gardening endevors turn up or rather up turn rock beings burried homo eroticised and petrafied phalise proof of pierrot le fou gone wild. a Title on Real Property so currupt we find the place abandoned  left with no door locks, Ellis evection smells of the stacks of paperwork from ejectment of prior elders and 100 year old paint chips falling lead abaitment land in the universe of black high gloss epoxie that is our openfloor plan responce to the fraudualnt attempts at forcloser and hijack.
WillendorfsThe Girl Next Door is Venus of Wilendorf.