Project will follow the outline below and does not include ongoing maintenance of the article outside of what may be stated in the scope.

Project Scope

This Scope of Work covers the following activities and deliverables.

Activities & Deliverables

1. Research & Qualify

    Sourcing all content (press, references, documents, photos, media, etc) that:

1) Qualify your notability by assessing your life’s work

2) Meet Wikipedia standards for Reliable source

3) Collecting sources for use as citations

“All material in Wikipedia articles must be attributable to a reliable published source. This means that a reliable published source must exist for it, whether or not it is cited in the article. Sources must support the material clearly and directly”

2. Article Creation

       One written concise encyclopedia article that covers information about you according to research: who, what, when,  where, why and how.

         It showcases specific works. Sections highlight important events and statements.

        All articles we write will provide the following, provided the sources are there to back up claims.
  • Infobox,
  • Name
  • Lead - statement of who, what, where you are.
  • Intro - Brief description about where you grew up and family.
  • Education - verified list of school attended, area of focus, degree achieved.
  • Work - explanation of Style, types of Techniques employed, use of Materials, connections to movements
  • Collection & Exhibition - verified list of a couple pieces by title, materials, and size along with the exhibition event name, gallery, and location, if applicable
  • References - Each fact is cited with a verified source to back up each statement. Citations are listed in the Reference section.
  • Photo- your portrait photo in the article displayed at the top of the page in the Infobox (with CC license).
  • External Links - list of links for further reading, personal blogs, and official website.
  • Categories - article categorized into Wikipedia's database.
  • Wiki Links - embed links of other articles on Wikipedia in your article.
  • Further reading -  Links to other publications that are very relevant to your article but are not included as Reference.

Additional features may include Awards tables, Additional Photos, Media, Lists )

3. Style Guide

               Article format adheres strictly to Wikipedia’s Manual of Styles. References are properly

written in Wikipedia Citation format

Creative Commons Sharealike Copyright Licensing

Any examples of published work you decide on can be featured on your Wikipedia page with a Creative Commons License. Any examples of work you decide on can also be a contribution to the Public Domain and the Library of Congress.  (ex. 30-second clip of your film, of your song, a complete song, a photo of your painting, your portrait ).

5. Publishing Article & Article Development

Improve every section of article with more info, documentation, citations, and style guide

formatting  in preparation for peer review. (i.e. Awards Tables, Infobox, External Links,)

_____   Limited

6. Backlinks

`                Linking your articles to the relevant databases. (ex. Discogs, MusicBrainz, Social Media)

7. Supporting Articles

       Other Wikipedia articles relevant to your topic and linked within your article.

8. WikiData

               Markdown Data links to Wikipedia Article

(useful for Google Knowledge Graph and Google Search Results)

9. Authority IDs

               Add Authority IDs, if any, and link them to Wikipedia and WikiData:        

        ISNI, Library of Congress (LACN), World Cat (OCLA), VIAF ID.


 10. Google Knowledge Panel

        Start a featured profile on the sidebar of Google Search results

Services We Also Provide (but not included in this scope):

Semantic Web

  • Structured Data        Implemented in your Official Website's back end code, this links Wikipedia and other profiles to your personal site.

  • Press Center         Website to host an archive of research and sources found during preliminary research stage.

  • Google Products.        Full integration of Google products including: Google+ Brands, Google My Business,

Google Maps, Data Highlighter, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console, Google Analytics,  and YouTube Optimization

  • Interview Audio Recording / Podcast Episode

                        We interview you and create a recorded document.

Recording is published on our podcast.

  • . Library of Congress  Transcription is submitted to Library of Congress.

Approximate Deadline: 30 Days from signing, Tentative Date: 12 March 2019

Reviewed by Wikipedia editors & Indexed by Google can take up to 90 days.


Payment for these services in exchange for $1,600.
or $3,000 for ful stack services,

We require 50% Deposit, and the remainder upon completion.

Payments accepted: Cash or Check


This agreement is based on the following assumptions:

Combined, all of these features create a validating identity system. Not only does this system gives you complete visibility within Search Results, it also positions you as the authority of your body of work. Ultimately, this allows Google to automatically generate search results where your person/business become the answers to many questions and the source within your topic, trade, and/or body of work.

______ You do not edit the article once it is published.

It may take up to 90 days to be reviewed upon which it will be indexed by Google and accessible on the first page of Google Search Results.

All writing and services comply to Wikipedia policies and guidelines.

Full confidentiality of our services from both parties. Do not disclose this document or details from this document to any other party.