Play Play Plat Manifesto
The Personal Is Political
World Game Now
This Film Is A Battleground: Cannes, Fr 1968

Mushrooms Internationale 2009
l’Entrevue Magazine
Seahorse Liberation Army

Swarm & Destroy: The Revolution Will Have Pedals

Play play
A utopian struggle
Tree houses
Graphic designs
Happenings to the moon
Love adventures
We are publishing the underground
Lets play!
Play play play = xxx
xxx is SLA
xxx is an art collective
Intent on furthering utopic ideals
Play play play is a world expo
xxx is a baby schooner, one of two in a pirate fleet
SLA is the larger schooner, the attack force
Play play play is the defense. SLA is the offence
Play play play is class war
xxx is making...
Bicycles (white)
Mopeds (white)
Play is power, play is our power
We are more serious than serious
xxx is a subversive agent.
Play play play is an explorers club.
xxx is intuitive misspelled
Play play play is for
The merry pranksters
The diggers
The Yippies
The Situationist Int.
Up against the wall mother lovers err . Fuckers.
xxx is the extreme left of the play discourse.
Quit your day job to xxx.

Play play play is provos in California
Modern loving in California
Play play play is passed on by escape artist
John cage,
Buckminster fuller
Guy Debord
Joseph Boyes
Nick curry
Lygia Clark
Expo Ernie
Xxx is discovering magic, half dead
Stumbling into foreign lands.
Xxx is Benjamin broad, (explorer)
When two lovers fleeing the police, sneak into a movie
That is xxx
A girl with a revolver pointed at a camera
And a young man named Lazlo kovaks
And all they wanted to do is live their lives to live.
the is the play play play
xxx is soft subverted
ppp is cinema fou
We will fight three or four Vietnams in the boosm of Hollywood.
xxx is beneath the paving stones.
play play play is the next sublime experiance +
xxx is alice becker ho and lazlo kovaks, and friends...
xxx is always arriving and never leaving.
play play play is a video conference with
the administration in a cardboard geodesic dome
xxx is not a manifesto, xxx blacks out all manifestos
play play play is for neoism
xxx – play play play is…
California sublime.
xxx is design and crime.
p.l.a.y. is power
days of war and nights of love is xxx
play is non violent intervention
play play play is public not private
play is pure lucidity
play play play is doing the most with the least
xxx is designing in the rain
What? Will the rain provide, who will stop the rain...
Xxx is designing cities
And stealing all the maps
play play play is psycogeographic,
Jack the ripper is psycogeographically in love.
xxx is out laws and intellectuals
Designing to the music
play play play is 1968 and 1986
Play play play as the antisis of everything and nothing
Experimental in nature, specialist in nothing.
play play play is a total enviorment

play play play is the seach for budah nature in everything
play play play is a child,
play is poetry, viva la seahorse liberation army
make play your work, and work your play
play with play and play all day
play is eat or die, play is slow, play is fast
xxx is a letter to your friends on how to make films together
Do children holiday from play, no one takes vacations,
The underground has abolished work
The play is mightier than the polotition
Join the Gentel strike
Power 2 the people, who know
Play is power
The pranksters versus the politicos
Pro-play, pro mopeders, pro bucky
Pro cardboard utopia, pro professional non student
Nhialism or wholeness
Play play play is the revolution of everyday life,
The revolution of revolutions,
the revolution of brushing your teeth slowly.
Play is when you become a firework
Play is emerging and entropic, and possible quantum determined
Play is mexico, cuba, Amsterdam, san Francisco, burma, Tibet, tangiers, SUMATRA!,
maraco, boliva.
Deserted islands with a swimming pool that sports a grand piano at the bottom.
Play play play is camping under concert grand pianos
Play is paradise now, (vote provos for better weather)
We are cnn and the banko popular
Xxx is a happening in time and space
Xxx is love
Love is contantly falling in love , over and over and over
Play is education and un programming
Xxx is a game and a exercize, play is making mistakes, as many as possible
Play play play is the road to excess, the road to excess leads to the palice of wisdome,
or at least a rad play ground of context.
Play is two beers, one for when the other one is done
Play play play is sex on the beaches with a peach
Xxx is ray and charels eames, safe in heaven dead.
Xxx is a sage named bucky fuller, lets get hip
Xxx is becoming a mushroom, let us become a mushroom.
Ppp is nutrient rich soil, life lust, wood chip
Xxx is a alder tree, and a rhododendron plant
Play play play is mycilum running…
Cyanescens is the the question and the answer
What is the next way to live your life, xxx.
Play play play is the most with the least
Xxx is beyond the law with out breaking the law
Play play play is a change of environment
Play is the aphrodisiac to /of innocence
Xxx is a world game strategy
Play play play is a dymaxion
Xxx is a crash landing in the fabric of time
Play play play is a huge umbrella as a atanomouse zone
Xxx is your own country
Ppp is a poem that never ends
Play play play is kling klang
Play play play is a meme repeated three times
It never degenerates
Play is never wasted
Play play play as the main basis for civilization
Play is the only explanation of our survival…
Love is the only explanation of our survival…
P l a y is seaking to hijack the era into timelessness
Hide and seek is my favorite play of the day
Xxx is simple and effective
Play play play is freewill without resentment
Xxx is tomorrow xxx is today
Play play play is my white bicycle
Our escape is a play play play
Play play play is two kids spitting water on each other
Xxx is ten thousand minds on fire
This poem is a battle ground
This battle ground is a film
Xxx has nothing to loose but bordom
Play play play is revolution for the hell of it.