Research & Qualify

Sourcing all content (press, references, documents, photos, media, etc) 

1) Qualify your notability by assessing your life’s work
2) Meet Wikipedia standards for Reliable source
3) Collecting sources for use as citations


Articles must be based on reliable, third-party, published sources with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy. Source material must have been published, the definition of which for our purposes is "made available to the public in some form".[7]This includes material such as documents in publicly accessible archives, inscriptions on monuments, gravestones, etc., that are available for anyone to see. Unpublished materials are not considered reliable. Use sources that directly support the material presented in an article and are appropriate to the claims made. The appropriateness of any source depends on the context. The best sources have a professional structure in place for checking or analyzing facts, legal issues, evidence, and arguments. The greater the degree of scrutiny given to these issues, the more reliable the source. Be especially careful when sourcing content related to living people or medicine.
If available, academic and peer-reviewed publications are usually the most reliable sources, such as in history, medicine, and science.
Editors may also use material from reliable non-academic sources, particularly if it appears in respected mainstream publications. Other reliable sources include:
  • University-level textbooks
  • Books published by respected publishing houses
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Mainstream newspapers

No Original Research

Wikipedia articles must not contain original research. The phrase "original research" (OR) is used on Wikipedia to refer to material—such as facts, allegations, and ideas—for which no reliable, published sourcesexist
  1. All material in Wikipedia articles must be attributable to a reliable published source. This means that a reliable published source must exist for it, whether or not it is cited in the article.
  2. Sources must support the material clearly and directly: drawing inferences from multiple sources to advance a novel position is prohibited by the NOR policy.[12]When there is dispute about whether a piece of text is fully supported by a given source, direct quotes and other relevant details from the source should be provided to other editors as a courtesy. Do not violate the source's copyright when doing so.
  3. Base articles largely on reliable secondary sources. While primary sources are appropriate in some cases, relying on them can be problematic. For more information, see the Primary, secondary, and tertiary sources section of the NOR policy, and the Misuse of primary sources section of the BLP policy.

Over the course of a year, I have been working on your article now published on the Wikipedia, and it’s associated documents, websites that verify your notability. In this invoice is a breakdown of the phases of work performed. The tasks are meticulous and lengthy; editing, revisions, researching, and cross referencing over a period of time reads as a realistic time frame to develop an in-depth article, with a false-start (the first launch of the article, and it’s speedy deletion) . Yet its authenticity derives from the reality of your body of work, it is real content, real data and ultimately why it will stay. This is what Google’s Search Engine wants and will hold it. This isn’t just search engine optimization or an online marketing strategy. This is your story, a reflection of you, it represents you, and establishes trust amongst your peers because it proves your authority and that proof is backed by reliable sources. It’s more than a resume. This article shall stay in humanity's lexicon and it will live on past your life and your children's lives, and add to the richness of your family ancestry. We provided you with a full stack service. From verifying your name, connecting your identity to your compositions, then connecting those datasets together and to itself, we started to weave a portrait of you and your creative output from publications that are deemed reliable, and proving to the Wikipedia editors that these publications validate your notability and its not a matter of opinion. The article and the sources adhere strictly to Wikipedia’s policies. Yes, there is more to add and probably some mistake you will see, but this where I seek your feedback. Is there more you would like to add to your page? I am at your service for unlimited revisions to validate anything that might be incorrect or need adding. I do know there is more. This reminds me, it is of much importance that you do not edit, or add information to your own article, nor a close family member. This is called a  “conflict-of-interest” and if it should be discovered that one is editing one’ own article than it nullifies the whole thing, considered unreliable, and is deleted from the Wikipedia mainspace. Editing articles have a meticulous process built within it, and a learning-curve that is long. Should there be more you would like to add, we can totally input it for you and do it right.

Here are links o the work. P.S. Give Google a couple days to reindex the web to start seeing your interconnectivity in your search results. These websites and profiles get connected to Wikidata, and that will return a Google Knowledge Panel that reflects your person and body of work. For example, search Steven Speilberg on Google. The results with his repertoire and a short bio and a photo show up. Also, these websites have been archived to the Wayback Machine, and the Internet Archive.

Crafting your positio on the world wide web through interconnectivity and Mark Down.

Wikipedia Article

Scott Harper (composer)
WikiData CreationMarkdown Data useful for Google Search Results, and Google Knowledge Panel
Google Knowledge Panel CreationPosition on the web Press Center CreationHouses archive of research and sources found during preliminary research stage.
Revolvy CreationRecurses initial article throughout the web
IMDbfilmography -added photo
AllMusic Guidecredits
BMI Repertoireyour compositions released on BMI

Authority SitesConnect IDs to WikiData --> Wikipedia
MusicBrainz Artist & ReleasesMBID: 4afa081b-aa14-4ac6-853d-9e5e620c3f43
Virtual International Authority FileVIAF ID: 287941761 (Personal)
WorldCat IDLibrary of Congress

Google Knowledge Graph:

This is not my first article I’ve written for people. Naturally, I am hungry for the history. Devouring archives and libraries to piece two clues and finding meaning is what I rejoice in, even if it can be laborious. I wrote mostly articles about Art and Music for professors in art, mentors whose body of work I found that was too precious or so specific that to exclude it by letting those histories get buried in the sea of information, would be a travesty to future generations.

What I’m saying is that we have experience writing these articles, my partner showed me while working together at American Apparel. Were taking this on as our freelance work now, and you two are our first real serious clients who get it . We are now operating and  providing these services. We’re open.

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Ps. While we wrote this, we discovered you run a music recording studio and production. We can implement this job for businesses and brands too.

Let’s talk on the phone. Would love to get your feedback. Can’t wait for you to come over and see the development of your new wiki, Susan


Elishba Iturra

(323) 393 - 5324

Audio Happening

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