Our words are powerful when necessary, minimalistic when appropriate, impeccable whenever. We are not your regular media agency or San Franciscoesk content writers. Were not even an agency, however  we are highly educated conceptual Artists, From   The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and San Francisco Art Institute. Where the Bauhaus meets the West Coast Conceptual and the California Sublime.
The Two oldest Art Schools in the United States of American.

We have also studied at and guest leutered at Sarah Lawerence College, U.C. Berkeley, U.C.L.A., Pasadena Art Center, N.Y.U. Pasrsons School of Design, Columbia NYC, Prague Art Institute, and The Univerity of Sobon, Paris France and IU Bloomington Indiana to recall a bit of our Academic footloose.
Who are we, you ask? Elishba and Erik Seidenglanz. We Like to think she is the Wilendorf of our times, the woman who is as printer, and I, Man the Player; Homo Ludum, or quite possibly child the nieavly geniuse. But these are just word playes foe us to embody the work it self. The Iteative and the Spontanious and full of Play Ethic. Students of systems theroy from buckminster fuller to french post structalist gillez deluce and felix guitari and Jean Buadriard. Avid readers of all things Semiotext, Situationist, and in the Asethics of speed and the age of dissapearance We will guide your passage in the will to the virtual. Shining light to your heritage and protecting where needed from the flotsom and jetsom of the new new novely gene you may be overly attricced too. Our job is to infrom and educate and define the phisicality of the internet in your life.

Founded in 2001, We exsist like a secret service to our curtated clients and when avaialbe we are hirable to new clients.
just call us or email to see if we have time for your project. We will make time even when were full on booked. Because that how it should, and what our parents taught us to be.

From established names like

SFFILM Festivle, &


Geffen, Hauser Schemel and Worth

Patty Wickman

Treats of the Loin Moped Gang

Daily Dose Cafe, Summer Kitchen Berkeley, Gregior, Alice Waters, Chez Panise. Bake Sale Bettey

Terry Feilds
Will I am Studios
Rockstar Studios, Bedrock Rehearsals,
Cam Slocam
Jason Yates,
Ariel Pink,
Christopher Owens,
Geneva Jacuzzi,
Sean Talley
Jancar Jones Galleries
Chris Lux
Dain Johnson
Shirley Karata
Sandy Kim
Charles Staunton
Mathew Strange
Otto Rosher
Nate Boyce
Madd Lynrupp
Toney Labot
Bibe Hansen
Beck, Bridez
John Dwire
Ty Segal
Benjermin Broad
Anam Tubtem, Daramata Fountation
Spirit Rock
Apathokeke Bar
Monheim Micerphones
Rob Seidenglanz
Diretor, Sidewayz Productions, Compact Video Systems,
RTS systems,  and a multitude of private clientel, our portfolio of clients is rather diverse but no more than 52 clients a year.

So we specialze in you.